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The competitive business market today requires all businesses to instill good customer service skills in their work force. Without good customer service skills it becomes difficult to retain a regular and consistent customer base because the customers you do get will walk away dissatisfied.

customer service

Customer service is all about maintaining a positive perception in your customer's eyes. If they walk away from your business with a smile on their face knowing that you and your employees did the best they could to help them get exactly what they were looking for, your business over all is going to improve. The positive feedback from customers trickles through the entire social network of that customer.

For example: let's say that I own a business that sells blue widgets. A customer comes in wanting to buy a blue widget but doesn't really know what kind of blue widget he's after. He honestly has little idea of what blue widgets really can do and he needs a lot of information about these things before he can make a purchase. He goes up to one of the associates in my Blue Widget Shop and starts to ask them questions. Two possible things can happen from here, we want the customer service representative our customer is talking with to be knowledgeable and have good customer service skills, but what if she doesn't?

Let's first say she doesn't have good customer service skills and see what happens. She's slouching lazily against one of the shelves while talking to him, fiddling with her hair and chewing bubble gum. She speaks really fast as she explains a blue widget and points with her finger to a vague location where he might be able to find some more. The customer doesn't get a good feeling from this and doesn't make a purchase at all. After all, he doesn't know what he wants to buy and it was up to our service representative to help him out.

Now our customer goes home and tells his family what a horrible day he had shopping for blue widgets. He tells them about the unhelpful employees there too. Then, when his neighbor asks him where he might be able to buy Blue Widgets our customer tells him to definitely not go to our shop. That neighbor tells his family and friends and then the cycle goes on and on.

Make sure your employees have good customer service skills because when they are helpful and look interested in helping the customer the entire scenario will work in our favor. As the social cycle goes around and around the neighborhoods our reputation will get better and better and more people will come in.

customer service skills